Merica Made in USA
The NEW clear way to find your personal
products in the shower.
No More Guessing!
Simply stick the ID Product Lettering provided on your favorite personal shower products
Peel it
Stick it
Feel it!
Clear Visuals Package

Customized ID lettering for your personal shower products

S • = Shampoo

C • • = Conditioner

B • • • = Body Wash

Clear Visuals is a new product proudly made in the USA. It's customized for the visually impaired, the visually challenged, as well as for those of us who get soap in our eyes!
Do you reach for the wrong personal product at the wrong time while in the shower?
Our company developed customized vinyl lettering that features embossed dots to solve that problem. If you're visually impaired then the embossed dots will be a familiar indicator to help you identify your personal products. If you're visually challenged then the size, color and feel of the letters will help you reach for the right personal product, every time.
Each package includes three customized letters:
  • "S", featuring 1 embossed dot, for Shampoo
  • "C", featuring 2 embossed dots, for Conditioner
  • "B", featuring 3 embossed dots, for Body Wash.

Each 1" letter is made with self-adhesive backed vinyl and comes in black.

To use Clear Visuals you simply peel it, stick it, and feel it!

Pirate Barry
Argh! I use Clear Visuals whenever I can while at sea or on land. Clear Visuals gives me time to do other naughty things. - Pirate Barry
"I never knew how much I truly needed Clear Visuals until I tried it!" - Chris Taylor
"In a busy household shower with lots of people in and out - Clear Visuals helps me find the right bottle of shampoo, conditioner, or body wash every time!" - Elizabeth Burt
"At my B&B I include Clear Visuals in my welcome pack - I always get a big thanks." - Maureen Moyer
"With Clear Visuals I am able to ID my personal products just for me - I love it!" - Baylie Prichard

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